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      Wall&Porcelain – High-End Innovation by ABK Group 17.11.15 Questions & Answers Subscribe

      Driven by the success of Auto-Leveling technology, ABK Group comes up with a solution, capable of opening the new horizons in the contemporary ceramic tile industry. Wall&Porcelain is a ground-breaking material that merges the unparalleled performance of porcelain stoneware and traditional ceramics, leaving behind all drawbacks, bottlenecks and restrictions.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by ABK Ceramiche

      The Wall&Porcelain technology allows for large-size tile production (60×120 and 30×120 cm). These items are light-weight, slim (just 7 mm thick) and ideally flat, so that hassle-free installation is guaranteed. Indeed, it would have been impossible to secure such excellent characteristics in single- or double-fired ceramic tile. As compared to the conventional porcelain stoneware, Wall&Porcelain enjoys equal strength and durability, but additionally offers all the advantages of easy cutting, setting and maintenance.

      What is more, exhibiting enhanced flexibility, this revolutionary material adapts to all kinds of surfaces and maintains high mechanical strength. Unlike conventional porcelain stoneware, Wall&Porcelain is porous. Therefore it requires no back-buttering before installation. The grout immediately absorbed, the tile gets stuck to the substrate. Wall&Porcelain is easily worked by means of a readily available drill and angle cutter. Besides, as distinguished from the double-fired ceramic tile, the innovative material is not susceptible to origination of micro cracks, which frequently form after tile installation due to expansion under variable humidity.

      You might also like to see the video, which illustrates all the advantages of the new material:

      It should be noted that Wall&Porcelain is entirely developed using the scientific, research and production potential of the ABK Group. The material will be exclusively sold by the ABK Group brands (Ariana, Flaviker and ABK). Wall&Porcelain will expand the range of many tile collections, e. g. Flaviker Supreme and marble-imitating Wall&Porcelain Fusion series remarkable for the complex combination of textures.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Flaviker Ceramiche

      Illusion tile from the Unika collection by ABK masterfully mixes the effects of concrete and natural stone.

      UNIKA Porcelain Tiles by ABK Ceramiche

      Do Up by ABK is entirely produced using the Wall&Porcelain technology. The series is an awesome fusion of utterly different stylistic solutions. For instance, Do Up Street renders the effect of painted brickwork, while the decorative elements are inspired by the aerography, commonly encountered in the modern city skyline.

      DO UP Porcelain Tiles by ABK Ceramiche

      Canvas by Ariana is a stylistically uniform project, dedicated to the interpretation of versatile textiles. This is a sort of "ceramic wall-papers", addressed to the interiors of unmatched elegance and aesthetic appeal. The photo below features Arabesque Cotton.

      CANVAS Porcelain Tiles by Ariana Ceramica

      Without the slightest doubt, the Wall&Porcelain portfolio will be further expanded. Summarizing the strong points of Wall&Porcelain by ABK Group, it should be noted that this material is conceived for any kind of dwellings and commercial spaces, whilst its high-profile design anticipates the most progressive contemporary trends.