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      White Marble Effect Tile. The Fancy New Arrivals 06.08.15 Questions & Answers Subscribe

      Similarly to the wood-looking tile, ceramic tile that imitates valuable stone grades surpasses the prototype materials in many respects. The inherent beauty of minerals and rocks is enhanced by the ultimate performance characteristics of modern ceramic tile. Visibly indistinguishable from natural stone, porcelain stoneware enjoys equal durability and wear-resistance. Besides, an incontestable advantage of porcelain tile is its affordability.

      Nowadays, the growing demand for the stone-effect porcelain tile results in a booming market. Willing to meet the highest standards and demands of the most experienced customers, the tile brands keep experimenting with the rarest stone grades, original tile shapes and surface finishes. No wonder that marble is regarded as classics lasting through time. Luxurious and majestic, it has been among the most sought-after materials for centuries. Depending on the marble grade and origin, the color gamut of this natural stone amazes by its diversity, which has become another challenge for the manufacturers of marble-effect ceramic tile and porcelain stoneware.

      The white shadings of marble are sure to be the iconic ones. The most popular grades of white marble are quarried in Statuario, Carrara and Calacatta, all of which are located in Italy. It is not for the first year that numerous tile brands come up to the market with white marble effect tile. However, at Cersaie 2014, white marble imitating tile created a commotion. Many Italian manufacturers opted for such tile collections as major novelties in their portfolios and placed them in the center of their exhibit booths. 2015 is marked by the dizzying array of tile series that reproduce the texture and appearance of precious white marble.

      Anima is a brand-new collection by Caesar that has immediately gained appeal. The photo below features the polished Statuario slabs.

      ANIMA Porcelain Tiles by Ceramiche Caesar

      The maximum tile size presented in the new Transalp collection by Monocibec is 78.5×157 cm. Indeed, the large tile sizes allow for the most accurate presentation of marble texture and fine patterns.

      TRANSALP Porcelain Tiles by Monocibec

      Lea Ceramiche proudly offers Timeless Marble, the series of large-size laminated porcelain stoneware, which belongs to the Slimtech range and is only 5.5 cm thick.

      SLIMTECH TIMELESS MARBLE Porcelain Tiles by Lea Ceramiche

      The polished Marvel porcelain stoneware by Atlas Concorde is addressed to the luxurious bathrooms and wellness areas. The mirror-like surface of this exquisite material is still characterized by the miniature irregularities, typical of natural marble.

      MARVEL Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Ceramiche Atlas Concorde

      Flaviker has enhanced their Supreme collection by the beautiful floriated decors and elements imitating other materials, such as steel, concrete and wood. This is a bold attempt to fuse the classical essence of marble and the most fashionable design trends.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Flaviker Ceramiche

      Fluid Statuario is one of several relief decors, available in the marble-looking Absolute collection by Naxos.

      ABSOLUTE Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Naxos Ceramica

      The embossed marble-imitating wall tile is also presented in the portfolio of Coem. The palette of Marmi Bianchi is composed exclusively of pure white shadings.

      MARMI BIANCHI Porcelain Tiles by Ceramiche Coem

      Ceramica Vallelunga, in collaboration with designer Giovanni Barbieri, offers Calacatta, a desirable collection, where the single hue is interpreted in the widest range of small and large sizes (please see the photo below).

      CALACATTA Porcelain Tiles by Vallelunga Ceramica

      Canalgrande by Serenissima embraces one color and the multitude of sizes (five variations of plain tile and mosaic, four decorative elements, borders and trimming pieces). This collection was launched in summer of 2015, and will shortly appear in the market.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Serenissima Cir Industrie Ceramiche