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      General Conditions of Sale

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      The present General Conditions of Sale govern the sale of products and therefore are applicable to the services rendered via the website, where Tile.Expert Ltd (registration No.: C75738, VAT No.: MT23406604; registered office: Suite 1, Sterling Building Enrico Mizzi Street, TA' XBIEX XBX 1453 MALTA) acts as the Seller.

      1 Subject

      1.1 The Seller undertakes to transfer to the Buyer the Goods (tile), and the Buyer undertakes to receive the Goods and to effect payment for the said Goods to the Seller in conformity with the conditions hereof.

      2 Information Relating to Goods

      2.1 Information on the range of Goods sold via the Seller’s website is provided on the Seller’s website.

      All orders are subject to availability.

      3 Order Placement

      3.1 The Buyer places an order through the Seller’s website.

      4 Price

      4.1 All prices are indicated on the website in the US dollars exclusive of VAT and shipping expenses. All prices are final. The total order value, comprising the final price of the Goods and the shipping expenses, is fixed in the Buyer’s Shopping Cart.

      5 Payment

      5.1 The Buyer will pay to the Seller in advance 100 % of the total amount due using one of the following payment methods: credit card, bank transfer, letter of credit, or PayPal. Thereafter the said Goods will be dispatched by the Seller to the Buyer.

      In the event that the payment is performed through bank transfer, the Buyer downloads it in the shopping cart or sends it to his Email address the respective Invoice with the indication of the Seller's bank details.

      6 Delivery

      6.1 Once the payment receipt has been acknowledged, the Goods ordered by the Buyer are delivered to the address specified by the Buyer while placing his order.

      6.2 The delivery time will be indicated in the Proforma Invoice.

      6.3 The title of Goods and the risk of damage to the Goods is transferred to the Buyer upon the delivery completion, i. e. at the moment when the Seller delivers the Goods to the specified address.

      6.4 The Goods are delivered to the address which is specified in the respective order by means of a truck equipped with a lifting device. The Goods are dropped off the truck curbside at the specified delivery address. In the event that the shipping expenses include delivery in a truck that is not equipped with a lifting device, the Customer Support specialist of the Seller informs the Buyer hereof prior to order confirmation. In the event that the Buyer decides to arrange Goods unloading from the truck on his/her own, the Buyer shall contact the Customer Support specialist of the Seller, so that he can recalculate the shipping expenses and let him/her know if there is any difference.

      6.5 Once the Goods are delivered, the Buyer checks them visually. In the event that any damage to the packaging is revealed, the Buyer describes this in the delivery note. Where required, the carrier representative waits, until the Goods are unpacked in order to check their integrity. Should any defective Goods be revealed, the Buyer, within 30 (thirty) calendar days, informs the Customer Support specialist thereof providing a copy of the delivery note and the photos of all defective Goods as delivered. There is no need to give the defective tiles back to the carrier.

      7 Liability

      7.1 The Seller will reimburse the cost of the Goods damaged or lost in transit, as well as the pro-rata shipping expenses, or will replace free of charge any Goods damaged or lost in transit and will deliver them to the Buyer in the earliest container, provided that:

      7.1.1 The Buyer submits written notification of such damage or loss of the Goods within 72 hours of their delivery.

      7.1.2 The Buyer produces to the Seller a copy of a document confirming the Goods receipt with a description of the damage to the Goods, as well as the photos of all damaged Goods.

      8 Delay or Failure to Perform

      8.1 The Seller will not be liable towards the Buyer if the Seller is prevented or delayed in the performance of any of his obligations owed to the Buyer due to any cause beyond his reasonable control including (without limitation): an act of God, explosion, flood, fire or accident; war or civil disturbance; strike, industrial action or stoppages of work; any form of government intervention; a third party act or omission; failure of the Seller’s supplier(s); failure by the Buyer to give to the Seller a correct delivery address or notify the Seller of any change of the address.

      8.2 The Seller will inform the Buyer of any such unforeseen event or of force majeure within seven days of its occurrence and will arrange a new delivery date with the Buyer, once the relevant event is over. Should these circumstances or events continue beyond two weeks, the Buyer will be entitled to cancel the order.

      9 Our Contact Details

      Tile.Expert Ltd, correspondence address: Suite 1, Sterling Building Enrico Mizzi Street, TA' XBIEX XBX 1453 MALTA; Email: