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      Preview and LIVE Report from Cersaie 2015 18.09.15 Questions & Answers Subscribe

      On September 28, 2015, Bologna (Italy) is going to host Cersaie 2015, the major international event in the world of ceramic tile. The key market players are ready to unveil their brand-new collections and, in doing so, to anticipate the hottest industry trends for 2016. Starting from September 29, we will be continuously updating you on Cersaie progress, presenting for your attention the LIVE coverage of exhibitors and sharing our first impressions. What is more, you may follow our online Cersaie coverage in social media:

      While promoters and exhibitors are putting the finishing touches to the upcoming event, we are already willing to pull back the shroud of secrecy and share the information (kindly provided by our partners) about those who drive ceramic tile industry forward.

      New Orleans by Cir has become a sort of a melting pot for the dominating design trends of the recent years. This is a multifaceted collection where the textures of stone and concrete, subway tile and hexagons, patchwork designs, imitations of majolica and cement tile, go hand-in-hand in a quest for harmony and new expressiveness.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Serenissima Cir Industrie Ceramiche

      ABK are coming up with the finalized version of their DoUp collection, an offspring of their revolutionary Wall&Porcelain range. This range is ideated to embrace the variety of large-format (60×120 cm) slim (only 7 mm thick) rectified wall tile series offered by the ABK Group. What is more, Wall&Porcelain impresses by the ample choice of decors suited to every fancy, and provides for hassle-free coordination with floor porcelain tile.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by ABK Ceramiche

      Canvas by Ariana Ceramica is another representative of this range. The series is inspired by the tactile surface of wallpapers and textile.

      Ceramic Tiles by Ariana Ceramica

      Supreme by Flaviker is an elegant marble-effect series offered in five all-natural shadings. The range of decorative pieces includes the original fusion of stone and wood textures. Flaviker has already presented the experimental version of Supreme at several exhibitions. However the Cersaie community will have an opportunity to see and appreciate the accomplished Supreme range, which has been already put into production.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Flaviker Ceramiche

      The story of Venezia by Naxos is pretty much alike. This collection was inaugurated in spring 2015 at Batimat exhibition (Moscow). As of today, Venezia, elegantly finished throughout and enhanced by new decorative elements, has been brought into circulation.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Naxos Ceramica

      The Imola Group brands continue their ongoing experiments striving to render the textures and spirit of natural materials. Please welcome the wood-effect Kuni series, Orobianco that reproduces travertine, and Waterfront, the beautiful fusion of terracotta and concrete.

      Ceramic Tiles by Imola Ceramica

      Vallelunga has expanded the ample portfolio of wood-effect collections with Lucido. The series is remarkable for its glossy, mirror-like finish, rarely encountered among wood-looking coverings.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Vallelunga Ceramica

      Chevronchic is a smart invention by Fioranese, where the worn wood-effect pieces distinguished by strong color variation are presented in the beige-brown and gray-black gamuts. Chevronchic is manufactured in two small sizes, ideally suited to the herringbone layouts.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Ceramica Fioranese

      Apavisa comes up with Nanoessence, the collection of fine porcelain stoneware, in which the classical rectangles are diversified by the tile of unconventional shapes. The tile op 10×60 cm with beveled edges is intended for the so-called chevron layouts. The zest of Nanoessence is revealed through the decors and mosaic in the shape of truncated lozenges. Such graphic patterns add three-dimensionality to the resulting surfaces.

      Porcelain Tiles by Apavisa Porcelanico

      Verso25 stances the importance of searching for non-trivial setting schemes. Their new Spazio series mesmerizes by the fluidity of patterns consisting of the elongated hexagons and quadrangles.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Verso25

      Cerdomus has devised Kendo, an eye-opening porcelain stoneware collection, where the elongated tile shape is reminiscent of wood planks, whilst the surface itself looks like clay, terracotta and volcanic lava. Particular charm is conveyed to the tile by the subtle relief, attained through the free strokes of a spattle.

      Porcelain Tiles by Cerdomus Ceramiche

      Todagres is ready to unveil three high-end collections of Todatech technical porcelain stoneware (Agatha, Moon and Soho) addressed to the heavy-traffic areas.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Todagres

      Stay tuned, we will come back on September 29 with something to take your breath away.

      We have already the news to share.

      Piemme is going to present More, an intriguing new arrival that renders the austere beauty of stone. Alongside with smooth tile, the designers offer wall pieces with pronounced 3D effect.

      Ceramic Tiles by Ceramiche Piemme

      Antique by Zirconio is a collection that speaks for itself. The Spanish brand artfully fuses the traditional designs, slightly relief surface and patchwork items.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Zirconio

      Cifre is ready to unveil about 20 brand-new collections, among which are the wood-looking series (Montreal, Oxford, Jungle and Amberes), the relief wall tile (Luxe, Glaciar, Reaction) as well as brick imitations (Opal and Subway). The ongoing experiments with tile shape have yielded an eye-opening wood-effect items of 30×180 cm.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Cifre Ceramica

      Day 1

      This year we have embarked on visiting Cersaie exhibition from the booth of Ceramica Bardelli. Please see the brand-new Tangram collection in the photo.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Ceramica Bardelli

      The original Trama d’Autore floor tile by Petracer's. The surfaces are inspired by the fingerprints.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Petracer's Ceramics

      Just as at Cersaie 2014, this year the stand of Imola Ceramica attracts by the vibrant colors and eye-catching designs (Kiko, Wave, Mash-Up, etc.).

      Ceramic Tiles by Imola Ceramica

      Micro-bricks is a new experiment by Brix.

      Mosaic by Brix

      Provenza has come up with Gesso, a tactile stucco-effect series. The distinctive graphic patterns render the stucco surfaces with ultimate precision. Some items bare the imprints of gauze, which is used as a binder between the layers of stucco.

      Porcelain Tiles by Ceramiche Provenza

      Emilceramica has proudly presented an ample collection of terracotta-imitating tile. The series impresses by the variety of sizes grouped in three sub-series: Kotto XL (large slabs), Kotto XS (medium-size tiles), Kotto Bricks (small items, subway tiles).

      Porcelain Tiles by Emilceramica

      Porcelain tiles at Tonalite stand

      Nowadays, no one would be surprised to see hexagonal tiles, whilst the tiles conceived as eighteen-pointed stars have been never seen before.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Tonalite

      The relief wall tile by Impronta

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Impronta Italgraniti

      … and by Tagina (Details collection).

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Tagina Ceramiche

      The stand of Ariostea has attracted numerous visitors by the enormous porcelain slabs of 160×320 cm that imitate natural marble (Ultra Marmi).

      Stone and Marble Effect Tiles

      Firestone is a stone effect series by Novabell that renders the charm of roughly finished surfaces.

      Ceramic Tiles by Novabell Ceramiche

      CVS has come up with stone effect tile, remarkable for the "moving" patterns.

      Stone Tiles by CVS Italia

      Concrea, the cement-imitating novelty by Ariana

      Ceramic Tiles by Ariana Ceramica

      This year the effect of corroded metal is among the hottest tile trends, employed by several world-class brands. For instance, Metal Style by Ergon

      Porcelain Stoneware with Effect of Nickel Oxide, Copper Patina, Metal Corrosion

      Acidic by Fondovalle

      Porcelain Tiles by Ceramica Fondovalle

      Metallic Illusion by Villeroy & Boch

      Ceramic Tiles by Villeroy & Boch

      Adobe by Mainzu

      Ceramic Tiles by Mainzu Ceramica

      We will continue browsing Cersaie 2015 tomorrow to bring for your attention exquisite designer collections and wood-looking tile.

      Day 2

      The next day we embarked on the exploration of Cersaie 2015 from the Tiles & Style stand of Tonino Lamborghini. The eye-opening Premium collection impresses by the ingenious stellar motives.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Tonino Lamborghini Tiles and Style

      Serenissima Group showcases the tile, which appeals by its unfinished, "imperfect" look. This effect is attained through the imitation of stucco surfaces and wide joints.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Serenissima Cir Industrie Ceramiche

      Fabric-effect tile by Sant'Agostino

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Ceramica Sant'Agostino

      Settecento showcased the desirable pop-art tiles …

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Settecento

      … and hexagons (Gea collection).

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Settecento

      Hexagonal tile has been recognized as one of the dominating trends at previous Cersaie exhibitions. Nowadays, this tile shape keeps slipping in popularity. However some collections still deserve close attention. Please see below the solutions by Realonda and Ornamenta.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Realonda

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Ornamenta

      Indeed, ceramic lozenges cater a dizzying array of decorative solutions. The Canvas series by Coem fosters imagination and provides everything necessary for unconventional layouts.

      Porcelain Tiles by Ceramiche Coem

      Painted Wood, the self-explanatory collection by Fioranese

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Ceramica Fioranese

      The glossy wood imitations by Flaviker

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Flaviker Ceramiche

      Unica by the Target Studio offers smart wood imitations in porcelain stoneware.

      Porcelain Tiles by Unica by Target Studio

      Maretia is an elaborate wood-looking collection by Cerdomus, which fuses several effects (traces of paint, rubbed spots, cracks and metalized surface).

      Porcelain Tiles by Cerdomus Ceramiche

      Coming up with the beautiful Legno collection, Mainzu adheres to its design philosophy. The series is conceived in the unique small size of 10×20 cm.

      Ceramic Tiles by Mainzu Ceramica

      Ascot impresses by the continuation of its long-term design project – Game of Fifteen. The new series is ideated by the Dutch designer Boris Tellegen.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Ascot Ceramiche

      Bardelli endorses two designer collections, i. e. Colour Tiles (developed in collaboration with Scholten&Baijings) and Tekne (designed by Daniele Bedini).

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Ceramica Bardelli

      Bisazza has enhanced its Cementiles range. The extraordinary patterns are born in the creative tandem with India Mahdavi and Tom Dixon.

      Ceramic Tiles by Bisazza

      Moreover, Bisazza presents its hallmark – sophisticated mosaics. The brand-new collections have been worked out together with Studio Job, Carlo Dal Bianco, Jaime Hayon and Patricia Urquiola.

      Ceramic Tiles by Bisazza

      Cersaie 2015 will last till October 2. However, for us it's time to wave a farewell. Looking forward to the next year event, we will keep you updated about benchmark trends and innovations in the vibrant world of ceramic industry. Stay tuned!