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      September: Hot Month for the Tile Industry 30.08.17Questions & Answers

      September: Hot Month for the Tile IndustryIn late September, the major ceramic tile exhibition called Cersaie is held in Bologna, Italy. Anticipating this event, all the tile producing companies launch their new collections, or at least expand the existing ranges of tile sizes and colors. Annually, we provide a real time coverage of the most remarkable and unusual new arrivals. You might also like to take a look at our previous Cersaie reviews:

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      Starting from September 27-28 2017, you may follow our live Cersaie coverage on website and in social media. We strive to be the first to describe the latest tile industry achievements, and later make them available for purchasing online. Usually, it takes a month or two for the new arrivals to appear in our website catalogue. Since then, they will be immediately available for ordering with delivery across the EU and the USA.

      Noteworthy, the more artistically accomplished, innovative and technologically advanced the product is, the more likely a delay in its delivery may occur during the first six month of production. The eventual delays may be due to the technically complex equipment and process adjustment to new products. For our part, we promise to prioritize such orders. Nevertheless, those who give preference to such ultramodern things, should be prepared for possible (yet not inevitable) difficulties which would be later compensated by the pleasure of owing such a state-of-the-art material.