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      Cevisama 2017. International Ceramic Tile Exhibition at a Glance

      On February 20-24, Valencia is hosting the global ceramic industry forum. Traditionally, the event attracts the key players of Spanish tile production and related sectors, and outlines the benchmark trends for the year ahead. No wonder that Spanish brands dominate on the "domestic" fair, though there are participants from all across the globe.

      Cevisama 2017

      Vives has consolidated the new achievements within the Dolce Vita range highlighted by the imitation of Venetian terrazzo floors (Portofino) and crushed marble mosaic tiles recalling the ingenious works of Antoni Gaudí (Doney). Dolce Vita also embraces such collections as Brenta, Benaco, Farnese, Cies, Ilesolo and Corso.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Vives Azulejos y Gres

      Pamesa expands the Agatha Ruiz de la Prada range.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Pamesa

      Moreover, the manufacturer showcases the brand-new marble effect Tresana and Grotto series remarkable for the large slabs of 120×120 cm never seen before in the portfolio of Pamesa.

      Stone and Marble Effect Tiles

      STN Ceramica (Tours collection above) and Cas Ceramica (Black&White series below) present patchwork collections.

      Patchwork Tiles

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Cas Ceramica

      Cas by Carson is a co-project of Cas Ceramica and the famous designer David Carson. Four collections (Relax, Caribbean, Eight, Graphic) are characterized by the versatility of surface finishes, graphic motives and designer's drawings.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Cas Ceramica

      Shortly before the exhibition, David Carson recorded a short video film narrating about himself and his experience while implementing this project.

      Zirconio showcases versatile 3D effect tiles. Altogether, there are ten new arrivals designed by this Italian brand: Alps, Aqua, Etruria, Lona, S. Thomas, Silky, Silver, Snow, Talco and Venato. The company emphasizes the infinite possibilities of tile matching withing these collections.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Zirconio

      ZYX, the new trademark of Colorker, also prioritizes three dimensional tiles (Blend and Level collections).

      Porcelain Tiles by Colorker

      Conversely, the master brand focuses on the imitation of stone, wood and concrete. The image features Lincoln, a beautiful reproduction of white calacatta marble in wall tiles.

      Porcelain Tiles by Colorker

      Stay tuned to our live coverage of Cevisama 2017 in the coming days not to miss none of the premiers by the leading tile brands. We would like to thank ARTCER online magazine for the images provided.

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      Tile.Expert 24.02.2017 15:52

      The stand of Aparici (Spain) is a colorful pasticcio of ethnic, pop art and paisley tile compositions out of the box.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Ceramicas Aparici

      Several of the brand new discoveries are composed of the 20×20 cm tiles. Among such collections are Aged (vintage series with effect of precious stones), Bondi (classical Victorian style tiles), Ion (beautiful three dimensional decors), Terre (concrete looking tiles), and Zoe (imitation of stone). 

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Ceramicas Aparici

      The Aparici-owned brand Veneto Ceramicas showcases Jewel — an extraordinary imitation of embossed metal. Altogether, there are about ten new arrivals by Veneto Ceramicas: Kosmos, Sky, Duero, Garden, Tahta, Utopian, just to name a few. 

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Ceramicas Aparici

      Apavisa launches Apavisa Slabs, the range of large-size porcelain tiles.

      Porcelain Tiles by Apavisa Porcelanico

      Natucer opts for small tile sizes (Сotto Bello, Ferro di Boston, Caprice, Riad, etc.).

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Natucer

      Baldocer experiments with large slabs (40×120 cm) and wallpaper looking texture.

      Fabric and Wallpaper Effect Tiles

      Saloni presents several faux stone tile series in classical color gamut, but with 3D effect surfaces (Moon, Eternal, Iter, Petralava).

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Saloni

      Ceracasa Ceramica also has something to show off. Absolute is a collection of stone effect porcelain tiles remarkable for intense colors and two finishes (matt and polished). Portobello reproduces timber and features an original "wicker" decor.

      The stand of Realonda fuses the heritage of the past and the cutting-edge materials of the future. Sintra and Lisbon recall the traditional Portuguese azulejo tiles, whilst Gaudi mosaics pay homage to the great Spanish architect. Other new arrivals, alternatively, reflect the contemporary design trends. These collections are highlighted by the tiles of versatile shapes and colors, as well as by the 3D and metal effects. 

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Realonda

      An artwork panel, another tribute to the traditions of ceramic tile production in Portugal, decorates the stand of Aleluia.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Aleluia Ceramicas

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      Tile.Expert 02.03.2017 12:54

      Certainly, Cevisama 2017 is not neglected by the Italian brands. However usually they exhibit here the collections which have been already showcased six months earlier at domestic Cersaie expo. Emil Group presents L'H by Viva, the series honored by the prestigious Ceramic Design Award at Cersaie 2016. These tiles are characterized by the intense colors and "worn" surfaces covered by scratches and rubbed spots.

      L'H Porcelain Tiles by Viva Ceramica

      Mainzu has recently discovered the texture of wood. Colonial is one of the timber looking tile series remarkable for the pronounced vintage charm.

      The small-size faux wood Retro tiles and the sparkling metal effect Mirror collection are the new arrivals by Fanal.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Fanal

      Azteca experiments with hexagonal shape and makes the colors play (Funny).

      FUNNY Porcelain Tiles by Azteca

      Atlantic Tiles looks well-prepared for this year's edition of Cevisama. Akira, Won and Damir show off the designer achievements while working with paper and fabric textures. Vilas is an imitation of precious fabrics themed on the popular Game of Thrones TV series. Serra is an elegant tile collection with effect of metal and decorative ironwork. 

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Atlantic Tiles

      The concept invented by the designers of Cicogres is original and multifaceted. One can visit an impromptu children's room, a bakery, a fashion boutique and a gym without leaving the company booth. Among the new arrivals are Esben, Javera (stone effect porcelain tiles), Irazu (imitation of parquet), Linen (imitation of linen cloth).

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Cicogres

      Peronda keeps experimenting with the shades and textures of stone, wood, concrete (Foresta Devon, Dogma, Urban, Detroit, Shark, Mitte, etc.). However, the company stand is highlighted by Porlligat, a collection of bathroom tiles in the blue and turquoise gamut with smart "fish scale" decors.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Peronda

      The brand-new vintage FS range designed by Francisco Segarra is exhibited separately from other collections. Chester (the imitation of multicolor mosaic tiles featuring geometric patterns) is one of the FS lines showcased for the first time at Cevisama 2017.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Peronda

      Lins, Lenos and Argila Pasadena are presented by Harmony, the tile brand owned by Peronda (please see the images below). Such marble effect collections as Tucci Gold, Madison, Onix, Bardiglio, etc. will be shortly launched by Museum — another luxury tile brand of Peronda.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Peronda

      Our coverage of Cevisama 2017 is coming to an end. Some of the hottest new arrivals are already available in the online tile catalogue. Keep following us and check for the recent website updates. 

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      Vendela Akua Ebenz 05.09.2017 12:52
      Beautiful tiles and I will like to become a partner for tiles delivery from Europe to Africa. Hope someone can get in contact with me about this.
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      Tanya 05.09.2017 12:57

      Dear Vendela,

      Thank you for your comment! We have already sent you a reply. Should any other questions arise, feel free to contact us.



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