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      User-Friendly Selection of Tiled Interiors to Ideabook 16.01.15 Questions & Answers Subscribe

      Eventually, this option has been fully implemented on our site. It is provided both for desktop computers and for Android and iOS applications. Clicking the BULB on the interior you like, User-Friendly Selection of Tiled Interiors to Ideabook you may save it to the respective project in your Ideabook.

      User-Friendly Selection of Tiled Interiors to Ideabook

      All the interior photos featured on our site and applications are original. These interiors are conceived by the artistic directors of the Italian and Spanish brands, and implemented by the tile designers. The highest artistic level is guaranteed. Today, our site portfolio contains over 60,000 photos of the interiors decorated with high-end ceramic tile by the top European brands. What is more, the portfolio is daily updated.

      Having selected the interiors to Ideabook on the website, you may always access them from your tablet or smartphone. And vice versa. Your portfolio of ideas (Ideabook) is at your fingertips at all times. You may discuss everything with a customer or, alternatively, with an architect, directly on site.

      User-Friendly Selection of Tiled Interiors to Ideabook

      All the photos are linked with the items used for a particular interior. Clicking the respective item, you may obtain its specification and price, as well as access all other collection elements.

      This option is user-friendly, free, enjoyable (the free interior portfolios are seldom enjoyable) and implementable. We mean that the items you like may be ordered directly with us. Certainly, you may search for another supplier. However, nothing prevents you from choosing another material, having availed of the concept by an unknown (or, more frequently, by a famous) Italian or Spanish designer, realized in the interior decorated with premium ceramic tile or porcelain stoneware, and added to your Ideabook. Moreover, you are granted a bonus feature of sharing the ideas with your customer, wife, or, alternatively, with your architect, husband, etc. Just click the button to send a link by Email. The receiver may view the ideas you share at a single click. There is no need to explain what you mean. Select the interiors you like (5-10 photos). Send them to your architect. Let him accomplish your ideas. Alternatively, send a link with the selected ideas to your customer and let him finalize his decision.


      And, finally, we'd like to make an announcement.

      In February or March, we are going to launch the option of online order placement (Shopping Cart) on our site and in all applications. All prices published on site are always up-to-date. There will be added the new function of delivery time online calculation and unassisted order placement with online checkout. The option of online payment at checkout is already available. However, to place an order you still need the assistance of our online consultant.

      Do not hesitate, sign up today. Add the interiors that appeal to you to Ideabook. Download our applications to enjoy the full functionality. Make tile selection an exciting experience!