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      "Tipsy" Tile by LAGO 04.07.14 Questions & Answers Subscribe

      Drunk is a ground-breaking and quaint tile series by LAGO, the flagship Italian producer of furniture.

      DRUNK Porcelain Tiles by Lago

      This design laboratory is hallmarked by an utterly different approach to the finished products, creative process and even to the workspace. The workshops of LAGO are arranged in an ordinary house with large windows and glass ceiling to admire the rural scenery. LAGO Fabbrica has brought together broad-minded and creative personalities who value ingenious design and practicality most of all. These values are carefully embodied in every article by LAGO. The commitment to ongoing creative experiments yields the interior design items of high aesthetic and functional content. There is nothing impossible! The cupboards may be installed circle-wise. The steps look as if they float in the air. A rolling bed is a dream of those who adore making improvements in their dwellings. The designers of LAGO grasp the essence of the things to bring it to the forefront and dress with unmistakable taste and imagination. The products by LAGO have been honored with the most prestigious design awards, while some articles by Daniele Lago, the Artistic Director of the studio, are ranked among the top 100 products of the Italian design.
      Please welcome Drunk by LAGO, the experimental project of ceramic tile that will never make you feel bored.DRUNK Porcelain Tiles by Lago