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      Tile Shipments Are Not Affected by the Quarantine in Italy [UPDATED ON MARCH 17] 09.03.20Questions & Answers

      Tile Shipments Are Not Affected by the Quarantine in ItalyAt least as of March 9, 2020. The authorities have imposed restrictions on the movement of people, but not on the transfer of goods. Our team, partners and storages operate normally. In the event of any changes, we'll inform you about such circumstances within 24 hours both on our website and in social media.


      Update as of March 17

      Despite the unprecedented quarantine measures, which we observe together with our partners, tile shipments are still “safe and sound”. Tiles are supplied on a regular basis. The EU borders are open for the goods. For all tile manufacturers, including those from Spain, the delivery time displayed on our website is accurate and up-to-date, except for Tonino Lamborghini, Boxer, Giovanni de Maio, Tuscania, Cotto d'Este, Blustyle, Lea Ceramiche, Panaria and Elios. Concerning the delivery time of these tiles, please contact your customer support specialist via chat. However we suggest your focusing on the later date of the shipping interval, since there is a small queue of trucks stumbled on the border between Italy and Austria, which is our primary supply route.

      Please be reminded that all delayed shipments (if any), which we hope and will prevent in the vast majority of cases, will be covered by our refund policy as usual.

      Let’s hope that this epidemic is on decline as soon as possible. Cheers!