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      Refunds for Late Tile Delivery 05.09.18Questions & Answers

      Refunds for late deliveries of tilesPrecise and high-quality logistics is one of the most challenging issues that we solve when delivering tiles to any destination in the countries we operate. We cannot fully eliminate all incidents and failures related to shipment. However we understand that a failure to deliver on time often causes troubles to our customers. We constantly work on minimizing the number of delayed deliveries. As of today, we deliver about 95 % of all orders on time.

      In case of delay, we automatically calculate a compensation to be refunded to the customer’s account which was used to pay for an order. The compensation fee is calculated as follows: 0.2 % of the tile cost for each working day of the delay (starting from the last day of the delivery deadline stated in the contract) and additionally 2 % for every delay/ breach of delivery dates, but no more than 15 % of the total goods cost. The funds are transferred within 7-8 calendar days from the delivery date (amounts less than EUR 5 are not refunded). We will do our best not to let you down.