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      Original Tile Shapes for Unprecedented Interiors 21.07.15 Questions & Answers Subscribe

      Indeed, the range of ceramic tile and porcelain stoneware offered by the European flagship brands amazes. The choice of patterns and shadings, surface textures and finishes reflects the ever growing demand for tiling materials. The tile sizes vary from elaborate miniature pieces to the impressive slabs of 100×300 cm. However, some manufacturers dare to experiment with tile shape, leaving behind ordinary rectangles. Such experiments are relatively rare and, hence, much sought after both among tile professionals and interior owners. Let's explore the most eye-catching samples of this tile trend.

      In 2014, the Italian brand Ornamenta came up with its Update collection. When set on walls or floors, the items of Update create intricate patterns that recall oriental arabesques.

      UPDATE Ceramic Tiles by Ornamenta

      The Spanish brand Equipe proudly offers Curvytile, another interpretation of the rich and flowing oriental motives. The designers of Equipe have enhanced the unusual tile shape by versatile patterns, which make this collection an utterly modern product, suitable for contemporary design projects.

      CURVYTILE Porcelain Tiles by Equipe Ceramicas

      Stile Forma by Verso 25 triggers associations with tetris. The angular decorative pieces are matchable in the variety of coordinating shadings.

      STILE FORMA Porcelain Tiles by Verso25

      The renowned Spanish producer Adex features another singular tile shape, embossed lozenges. Their Rombos series is enhanced by the round inserts. The walls dressed in Rombos look smooth, soft and elegantly finished throughout.

      ROMBOS Ceramic Tiles by Adex

      Toscana collection by the Spanish brand Realonda features beautiful patchwork rosaces. These pasticci of broken tile pieces become a genuine embellishment to the collection and, eventually, to the resulting interiors.

      TOSCANA Porcelain Tiles by Realonda

      The intriguing peculiarity of Pedralbes by Ticsa (Spain) is a dizzying array of the tile shapes employed. The conventional geometrical elements are mixed with ingenious crosses, stars, sea-shells, etc. Such pieces are suitable for cable setting, as well as for the number of other non-trivial layouts. The palette of seven natural colors adds extra setting options.

      PEDRALBES Ceramic Tiles by Ticsa Ceramics

      The portfolio of Scianna, the small undertaking from Sicily, contains several tile collections, remarkable for their unusual shape. For instance, Stelle and Terre Normanne include decorative stars and crosses painted by hand.

      STELLE Majolica Tiles by Scianna Ceramiche

      TERRE NORMANNE Majolica Tiles by Scianna Ceramiche

      Diavolo by Cobsa is a whirlpool of fantastic ornaments.

      DIAVOLO Ceramic Tiles by Cobsa

      Another series by Cobsa worth of close attention is 3D. The fusion of glossy and matt finishes produces magnificent highlights and sheen. The play of volume, light and color mesmerizes.

      3D Ceramic Tiles by Cobsa

      Triennale porcelain stoneware by the Italian brand Marazzi is an intriguing puzzle. The series embraces two tile shapes, eye-opening and perfectly matchable. A trick offered by the designers of Marazzi is occasional skipping of several elements, while this original tile is installed.

      TRIENNALE Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Marazzi

      The fantastic combination of rhombuses, triangles and trapezia from Slimtech Mauk by Lea Ceramiche adds volume, expressiveness and zest to your interiors. Being just 3.5 mm thick, this tile is an excellent solution not only for flooring and facing, but also for furniture decoration.

      SLIMTECH MAUK Porcelain Tiles by Lea Ceramiche

      And, finally, the hottest trend of the recent years, hexagons, should not go unmentioned. Many brands keep discovering this iconic shape to cater virtually breakthrough tile collections. Among the newest products are Origini by Imso,

      ORIGINI Porcelain Tiles by Imso Ceramiche

      Terra by Marca Corona,

      TERRA Porcelain Tiles by Ceramiche Marca Corona

      Core by Ornamenta, just to name the few.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Ornamenta

      Hexagonal tile is widely appreciated as a quintessence of apparent simplicity, fresh ideas and refined taste.