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      Shipments from Storages Allowed. The Green Light from Italian Government Today, on March 25 23.03.20Questions & Answers

      Italian Brands Suspend Production for a Week

      This is valid for approximately 90% of our tile manufacturers. Notwithstanding the production will be suspended for one week, the tiles in stock will be shipped from storages which is sufficient to deliver approximately 80% of our orders on time. However, about 10% of tile manufacturers halt both operation and storages. All information on our website, including prices and shipping time is up-to-date.

      All the restrictions are expected to be withdrawn on April 3. The growth dynamics of the epidemic in Italy seems to decelerate. According to the forecast, the peak of this week will be followed by the drop. In our opinion, all major Italian tile brands will resume production starting from April. Smaller tile businesses may be affected by the quarantine. We'll do our best to anticipate such problems and exclude from our range those manufacturers which do not warrant timely tile supplies.

      We work normally. Our customer care is always in touch with you. Once again, we confirm that we bare full responsibility for the timely delivery of your orders, as well as for the quality and integrity of tiles.

      Post of March 23, 2020 (outdated)

      Italian Brands Suspend Production for a Week. As of March 23, 2020

      Despite all the efforts to keep working under the unprecedented conditions, the Italian tile manufacturers, upon the resolution of the government, are constrained to suspend their operation from March 25 to April 3. We have 2 days to collect all customer orders prepared for shipment. Currently, we are doing our best to arrange this. In the event it becomes clear that some orders may be delayed, we'll immediately inform our customers.

      The tile manufacturers of Spain, Portugal and Germany work normally.

      Meanwhile, it is not clear enough how the Italian companies can adhere to the resolution of the government from the technological viewpoint. Kiln shutdown is rather complex and takes time. If on April 3 the situation returns to normal and these restrictions are withdrawn, it is distinctly possible that the industry recovery requires extra time.

      Tomorrow morning, we'll update the estimated delivery time for the Italian manufacturers to make them longer during the quarantine. Once the Italian authorities remove the restrictions, we'll restore the current delivery schedule.

      Staying rational, we suggest that the material for all urgent projects is substituted for the similar tiles made in Spain.

      Guided by heart, if you can wait a couple of weeks, we ask you to opt for the Italian tiles, in order to support the tile manufacturers of Italy in this tough time.

      We'll closely monitor the pace of the tile shipments' recovery from Italy. Among the tile brands on our website, you will find only those who manage to overcome the challenges without any problems for their potential customers. Being a 100% online business, we are smart at working remotely not only with our customers, but also with our partners and team members. As compared to the offline stores, we are affected to a far lesser extent. Our customer service and all other departments continue operation on a regular basis.

      Please follow our update in 3-4 days or immediately after any significant changes occur.

      Andrà tutto bene!