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      Cersaie 2017 at a Glance. New Tile Arrivals and Trends Not to Miss 27.09.17Questions & Answers

      Cersaie 2017 at a Glance. New Arrivals and Trends Not to MissFrom the 25th of September, Bologna is hosting Cersaie 2017 ceramic tile exhibition. This is the 35th edition of the event attended by more than 800 visitors from 43 countries from all over the globe. Traditionally, Cersaie brings together the most influential industry professionals — tile producers, retailers, architects, artists, raw material and component suppliers. The central exhibit is accompanied by the versatile themed events, conferences, workshops.

      The expo poster image, like every year since 2010, was selected in the course of the Beautiful Ideas competition held between the leading Italian universities and institutes of design and architecture. The winning project was conceived by Fabrizio Mariani and Enrico Montecchi, the students of the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (Milan).

      The name of the project — Il Futuro è poliformo (in English, The Future is Polymorphous) — reflects an evolving trend that, striving for something new, ceramics breaks with traditional format. Driven by the development of technologies and design, and prone to the constant metamorphosis, ceramic material looks towards the future. The pure elementary shapes of square, circle and triangle become the starting point of the project. Fused together, they create a pulsating and dynamic geometry. During the first days of Cersaie 2017, we witnessed how this metamorphosis concept was by some means or other implemented in different exhibit areas. The ever-changing visual effects and geometric solutions make it possible to give a new angle at familiar materials.

      Some new arrivals showcased last year have grown into a well-established trend supported by the key tile manufacturers. Among them are, for example, tiles inspired by the magnificent Venetian crushed marble floors (terrazzo). This year, the producers come up with bolder versions of terrazzo looking tiles, experimenting with various shapes, color gamut and decors. Of course, we will later focus on this vibrant trend. Meanwhile, please take a look at Venezia by Cir, one of the new arrivals of particular interest.

      Ceramic Tiles by Serenissima Cir Industrie Ceramiche

      Another dominating trend, highly appreciated both by tile producers and customers, is 3D-looking tiles. The volume is obtained either through pronounced relief or visual effects. Cersaie 2017 is also highlighted by Shades, a breathtaking project by the architect Marco Piva and Casalgrande Padana. The effect of depth and volume is attained owing to specific chromatic combinations on a smooth porcelain stoneware surface.

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Casalgrande Padana

      Noteworthy, Cersaie 2017 became the venue to celebrate the birth of an utterly new tile brand — Ducati Winning Tiles. Inspired by the renowned Italian motorcycles, the company concluded an agreement with Ducati and showcased the first ceramic tile series. The partnership was established by the efforts of Gs Luxury Group S.p.a., the company founded by the Pozzi / Gambarelli family. Well-known among tile manufacturers, the family has already commercialized another upscale tile brand. In 2014, they lunched Tonino Lamborghini Tiles and Style, to be later followed by Ducati Winning Tiles. 

      Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Tonino Lamborghini Tiles and Style

      The tiles of both brands are ideated to perfectly complement the ranges. If the former is addressed to customers searching for luxurious, high-profile materials, the latter combines brand visibility, low-key style and optimum performance. At present, the portfolio of Ducati Winning Tiles comprises six ranges (Via Emilia, Route 62, Skyline Drive, Iroha, Atlantic Road, Tonale), all of which were demonstrated at Cersaie 2017.

      During the next days, we will continue working on the scene in order to give you new insights and intriguing details. Stay tuned!