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      Brick Generation, the Brand-New Brickwork Effect Tile by Rondine 09.04.15 Questions & Answers Subscribe

      It is a common practice, when industrial or commercial warehouses are reconceived into the loft-style residential areas. That said, the principal accent is made on the structural elements of premises. The unfinished brickwork walls and uncovered ceiling beams are reinterpreted so that to become a constitutive element of a loft-style design concept. Moreover, they evoke the building past. However, even if your apartment has nothing to do with warehouses and shops, you may add there a pronounced industrial chic.

      Let's imagine a brickwork wall. It immediately triggers such associations as warmth, strength, shelteredness. All these associations are then carried over to an interior, where brickwork walls are intentionally left uncovered, either fully or partially. Even the small spots with this appealing texture catch the eye and add particular charm to interiors. Brickwork walls reveal the interior essence and character better than any furniture.

      The Italian brand Rondine has created Brick Generation, the charismatic tile range with brickwork effect brought to the fore. The accurate and thoughtful imitation of brick texture amazes. The intentionally rough and coarse surface of brick, the vast palette of characteristic shadings and the thickness of just 10 mm – this is the image of Brick Generation. This design solution produces the desirable effect and saves much space as compared to common brick used for the decorative purposes. 

      BRISTOL Porcelain Tiles by Ceramica Rondine

      The Brick Generation range embraces three collections, each of which featuring the variety of shades and shapes.

      Bristol, the brick "as is", attracts by the unevenness of shade and the impress left by the time. Alongside with the prevailing red and ginger shades, the series comprises the relief tile of the darker colors. The collection also contains the floor elements, which add the accomplished look to every interior using the unicolor pieces or those of the coordinating shades. The collection is named after the British city of Bristol. The brick buildings erected in the epoch of the Industrial Revolution are the principal landmark in the city skyline. 

      BRISTOL Porcelain Tiles by Ceramica Rondine

      BRISTOL Porcelain Tiles by Ceramica Rondine

      BRISTOL Porcelain Tiles by Ceramica Rondine

      New York pays tribute not to the sky-scrapers of the homonymous American metropolis, but to another type of buildings, common in the Tribeca neighborhood. It took a century for this area to utterly quit its industrial and commercial past. At the turn of the 20th century, Tribeca was overbuilt exclusively by warehouses and shops. So far, the neighborhood has metamorphosed in one of the most prestigious and classy residential areas of the New York City and an alluring destination for the Hollywood celebrities.

      The high-end "Made in Italy" porcelain tile recreates the atmosphere of New York steeped in history. The pure light colors enhance the feeling of space, whilst the darker shadings highlight the key interior elements and give refined still austere look to the entire design project. 

      NEW YORK Porcelain Tiles by Ceramica Rondine

      Venice is another Brick Generation collection that fuses the mesmerizing luxury of the Bride of the Sea and the industrial chic of brick. The series palette is composed of three royal shades: bronze, silver and gold.

      VENICE Porcelain Tiles by Ceramica Rondine

      As contrasted to many other metallized items, this precious brickwork effect tile is suitable for flooring, as well as Brick Generation range in its entirety. 

      BRISTOL Porcelain Tiles by Ceramica Rondine

      This is due to the innovative technology employed by Rondine. The porcelain stoneware paste is mixed with glass. This composition contributes to the vividness of texture and color. Brick Generation by Rondine is a sort of statement that proves the highest level of sophistication and technical excellence recently achieved by the manufacturers of brickwork-imitating tile.