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      20 mm Thick Porcelain Tiles. What Are They for? 04.08.16 Questions & Answers Subscribe

      Extra-strong 2 cm thick porcelain tiles are nowadays widely presented in the portfolio of the major European tile brands. The elevated thickness of 20 mm makes these porcelain stoneware slabs ideal for outdoor installation: in gardens, terraces, river walks, observation decks, pathways, swimming-pool areas, etc. Owing to the outstanding technical characteristics and performance, this innovative material is considered an optimum finishing solution for the commercial heavy traffic areas.

      There are three methods of thick porcelain stoneware installation. The first one is classical setting with the application of adhesive.

      Thick Porcelain Tiles

      Thick porcelain tiles may be also installed on sand, grass lawn or gravel without adhesive. This installation technique provides for easy and hassle-free dismantling and replacement of porcelain slabs as may be required.

      Thick Porcelain Tiles

      Thick Porcelain Tiles

      The third method consists in porcelain tile setting on special-purpose supports. This solution allows concealing the utility and communication systems under the floor and simultaneously makes them readily accessible. In the event of a fault, the porcelain tiles are easily dismounted so that to provide quick access to the inoperative systems, which becomes the key advantage of this installation method. Noteworthy is that supports may vary in size, enabling floor level adjustment in case of uneven surfaces. The resulting surfaces are ideally leveled and, what is even more important, capable of yielding unmatched performance.

      Thick Porcelain Tiles

      Thick Porcelain Tiles

      Alongside with the abovementioned functional benefits (adhesive-free installation, easy mounting and replacement), the technical specifications of thick porcelain stoneware should not be neglected. The 20 mm thick porcelain tiles display high durability, slip-resistance, resistance to temperature drops and stains, impermeability, etc.

      Another strong point of thick porcelain tiles is their accomplished look and aesthetic value. The manufacturers offer a dizzying array of tile collections, diversified according to tile size, color gamut, surface effects and dominating styles. In some cases the tile series are entirely fabricated of thick porcelain stoneware.

      Thus, Blendart, a collection of the faux wood porcelain tiles by the Italian brand Sant'Agostino, consists of the 40×120 cm items. The effect of antiqued wood and rubbed-away paint which reveal the genuine color of material, is attained not only by means of patterns, but also through the perceivable relief. 

      BLENDART Porcelain Tiles by Ceramica Sant'Agostino

      The L2 range by Lea Ceramiche imitates the textures of stone, wood and concrete. The tiles of 60×60 cm (the only tile size envisaged by designers) have non-slip surface (R11).

      SYSTEM L2 Porcelain Tiles by Lea Ceramiche

      Many tile manufacturers enhance their collections with 20 mm thick porcelain tiles in order to expand the area of material application and provide stylistically harmonized solutions for interior and exterior installation.

      EK Epokal by Del Conca (Italy) amazes by the dot-to-dot reproduction of petrified wood and the charming softness of beige, gray and brown.

      EK EPOKAL Porcelain Tiles by Ceramica Del Conca

      Unika by ABK fuses the textures of the centuries-old stone and worn-out concrete. The collection is characterized by the ample choice of tile sizes, color combinations and trimming pieces.

      UNIKA Porcelain Tiles by ABK Ceramiche

      Atelier is a collection of unglazed faux concrete porcelain tiles by Sintesi.

      ATELIER Porcelain Tiles by Sintesi Ceramica

      Roxstones by Caesar carefully reproduces the natural beauty of quartz.

      ROXSTONES Porcelain Tiles by Ceramiche Caesar

      Docks porcelain tiles are a vivid example of the IN&OUT concept implemented by the Italian brand FAP Ceramiche to ensure visual consistency of the finishing materials for indoor and outdoor installation. Docks masterfully renders the structure of unworked solid wood.

      DOCKS Porcelain Tiles by FAP Ceramiche