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      Quick Delivery of Tile Samples across Estonia 20.04.20
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      We have upgraded this service by opening an integrated Milan-based hub with in-house sample cutting, storage, marking, and packaging. The highly automated process is operated by the Swisslog robot made in Switzerland. The hub of 850 m² is designed for handling 1,000 sample orders per day. Having selected the required product on the website, and having paid for it, you simply launch your order picking by our robot. The whole process takes just a few minutes, including labeling and packaging. The same day your order is forwarded to the TNT courier to be delivered in Estonia within 24-48 hours. Try yourself here.

      We rejected providing a sample for every item on our website. Those we offer are available at our hub in Milan. As of today, the stock covers about 20 % of the bestselling tile items. By the end of the year, we expect it to grow and reach 40 % of our entire range (80 % of the most sought-after tiles).

      A sample is a cut piece of tile usually 14×14 cm in size.

      The idea behind this project is an opportunity for our customers (first of all professional architects) to receive the widest range of cut tile samples in the quickest possible way without leaving home or office. Figuratively, we would like to enable ordering fifty shades of grey and having them delivered the same working week and at a reasonable price. In the future, we are going to deduct these expenses from the total payable of your next order. However, this has not been implemented for now, since some mathematical algorithms require deep revision.

      • The weak points, in our opinion, are:
      • - small size of tile samples, which sometimes does not provide a glimpse of the tile graphics and designs (please see item images on the website the detail of which will be enhanced soon);
      • - limited range, which covers only plain tiles (decorative pieces, steps, skirtings, etc. are not represented by samples), and even the assortment of the former is not full. Of course, the range of samples will be enhanced, but today we are where we are.
      • The strong point is unbeatable:
      • - what we provide is incredibly fast, cheap, and accurate in terms of shipping time delivery of tiles samples. The entire process is controlled on our end, no need to wait for them to be delivered from suppliers.

      We believe it is well worth the effort.

      The image below features the icon now used to identify the available tile samples.

      Quick Delivery of Tile Samples

      Please, see below how to select a tile sample:

      Quick Delivery of Tile Samples

      Please click on the icon to sort out all collections where they are available.

      Quick Delivery of Tile Samples
      Quick Delivery of Tile Samples

      Hopefully, you will avail of this opportunity. Meanwhile, we expect the adjustment of the handling line to be over in July. That said the samples are already shipped to the customers. The process is semiautomatic but already quick. The shipping time displayed on the website requires no further confirmation and will be in all probability respected.