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      Payment and Delivery

      Please be informed that the minimum value of your first order should be at least USD 550 (exclusive of the shipping expenses).

      However this limitation will not apply to all future orders made from the same account. While calculating the quantity of tiles to be ordered, please take into account wastage and spares.

      Prices, Checkout and Advice

      The prices indicated on our site apply to the ex-works delivery from the manufacturers' warehouses.

      The prices indicated on our site are VAT inclusive.

      The Proforma Invoices we issue to private customers contain no information about VAT, since TileExpert Retail OÜ is not registered as a VAT payer (we have no VAT No.). However the absence of VAT does not imply that you would have to pay this tax by yourself. There are no extra charges related to purchasing from our website with shipment within the EU. The prices indicated in the Proforma Invoice are final.

      Please note that particular items are sold on a per-box (rarely on a per-pallet) basis. If the said items are requested, their billed quantity will be increased to the actual quantity of items in the applicable number of full boxes (pallets).

      The prices on our website apply to the first-choice materials. We do not supply the second-choice and commercial-grade tile.

      Order Payment Options

      We accept payments by bank transfer, via letter of credit or via PayPal (if the latter option is selected, an extra operator fee of 3.4 % (for payment in Euro) or 7.75 % (for payment in US dollars) is charged). We are a verified PayPal member. Therefore all payments of our customers are covered by PayPal Purchase Protection. Payment using bank cards will become available shortly.


      We ship any quantity of goods to any destination within the European Union (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom), as well as to Norway, Switzerland, the USA and Canada.

      Our carrier for Italy is Zanni Marco & C. s.r.l., for other European countries - DB Schenker. In a few days after payment receipt, upon shipment of the goods from storage, we send a tracking number to our customers. Using the tracking number, our customers may monitor order status and location following the link to the respective carrier website.

      The average delivery takes 35-65 calendar days. The definite delivery time depends on the manufacturer's location and goods availability in stock. In order to calculate the cost of delivery, please send the respective request to

      You may also arrange order collection from one of our consolidation warehouses in Italy or Spain. Once the goods leave the warehouse, all liability for goods safety is transferred to the customer. In this event, apart from the cost of the goods, the total amount payable will include the expenses related to goods preparation for shipment. To have the total order value calculated, please contact our customer service managers.

      Within 14 days upon order delivery, a private customer may cancel an order. Taking into account that the tiles are delivered with specific transportation means, according to the law, in case of order cancelation only the goods cost will be refunded. The shipping expenses are not refundable. In the event a private customer decides to cancel an order and return the delivered goods, the goods transportation to our warehouse shall be arranged and paid by such a customer.

      Goods Acceptance

      The tile is delivered to a front door or in a port (at customer's will). It is the customer who is responsible for arranging the tile unloading. Usually the goods are delivered in a truck equipped with a lifting device. However the customer may choose between goods delivery with or without lifting device in the Shopping Cart. The respective shipping rate will be invoiced.

      Goods Inspection

      Once the goods are delivered, the customer checks them visually. In the event that any damage to the packaging is revealed, the customer shall describe this in the delivery note. Where required, the carrier representative waits, until the goods are unpacked in order to check their integrity. Should any defective tiles be revealed, the customer, within three working days, informs the dedicated Customer Service manager thereof providing the photos of all defective tiles. There is no need to give the defective tiles back to the carrier.

      Comments  (16)
      Darren gretton 11.09.2016 00:05
      Imola Kuni 2012BS Bark Beige Pls could I have a price for 34M and 7M 2012W delivered to address in UK.
      Alex 12.09.2016 12:34
      Imola Kuni 2012BS Bark Beige

      Dear Darren,

      Kuni2012Bs and Kuni2012W are presented on our website so we would suggest you to make the order draft right on the site and ask for a delivery cost.

      To do that you should sign up on our website and add the items to your cart. Then fill in all the obligatory fields in the cart (your name, address, phone) and send a request for delivery cost. As soon as the delivery cost is ready we'll send you a message. The delivery cost and period will be indicated in your draft on the website. This draft won't be considered as an order before it is paid.
      Should you have any questions - please send to
      Sylvia beamesderfer 03.10.2016 16:21
      Would like to order sample tiles if possible. And wondering how freight charges to USA run. Thank you
      Alex 03.10.2016 16:55

      Dear Sylvia,

      We have replied to your email address.

      Please check the information and reply back in case you have any questions.


      Ventura Ent 05.10.2016 05:09
      Who are these sleaszebags who do not have a phone number, no physical address and will not communicate except by email?
      Alex 05.10.2016 16:45

      Dear Ventura Ent,

      Thank you very much for you interest to our website.

      Please note that we are an online store. It means we do not have physical show rooms, thus have lower costs and can offer better prices. We provide samples of the selected items found on our website via courier delivery.

      We find this kind of business model easier, less expensive and more secure for a client.

      Our company is a verified PayPal member.Therefore all payments of our customers are covered by PayPal Purchase Protection.

      Payments to our accounts go to division of one of the largest and respectable banks in Sweden – “Swedbank”

      Please find our phone numbers and respective email addresses for customers from different countries in section “Contacts”

      We are legally registered in the EU (TileExpert Retail OÜ. Registration No.: 14013681 | Pae 21 Tallinn 11415 Estonia). Deliveries are conducted from there, that’s why most of comments and reviews about us can be obtained from resources associated with European operators, e.g. Trustpilot

      Should you have any questions please let us know.

      Our customer service specialists will provide all the information regarding the tiles you are interested in.

      We will be happy to hear from you.

      Laimonas 08.11.2016 01:03
      Hi can tiles be collected from Pae 21 Tallinn 11415 Estonia ??
      Irene 11.11.2016 17:44

      Dear Laimonas,
      Sorry for the delayed response. We have replied to your email address. If you have any questions, please, email us anytime.

      Thank you.

      Dominique Bessent 13.11.2016 11:35
      I have previously placed an order with you and now need to order a small additional amount of tiles to complete the job. Please let me know the best way to do this as my draft order is not creating a delivery charge / date due to cost involved. Thank you
      Irene 14.11.2016 14:44

      Dear Dominique Bessent,
      Please, sign up with your email address and after that you'll be able to order a small amount of tiles. If you have any difficulties or questions, please, email us at

      Catherine Adams 18.11.2016 19:46
      I would like to order 13 square meters of Cevica Lord in teal as well as the pencil tile trims. I can't seem to find a way to order??? Could you please contact me preferably on 07793 748706 or via email as a matter of urgency. Many thanks, Catherine
      Irene 22.11.2016 15:33

      Dear Catherine Adams,
      Here is the link to the Lord collection 

      To place a draft order you should sign up on our website and add the items to your cart. Then fill in all the obligatory fields in the cart (your name, address, phone) and send a request for delivery cost. As soon as the delivery cost is ready we'll send you an email. The delivery cost and time will be indicated in your cart. 
      Should you have any questions - please email us at
      Hailey 25.11.2016 14:46
      Is it at all possible to get tiles delivered to Australia? Thanks heaps
      Alex 25.11.2016 23:52

      Dear Hailey,

      Thank you for your interest in our online store. We have not delivered to Australia yet but can check the possibility. Could you please specify the quantity of the tile you are interested in and provide all information to ?


      Hailey 28.11.2016 02:59
      No worries at all. I'll measure up and email it through. Thanks for your help
      Martine chemana 17.01.2017 18:07
      , Hello I would like to order various tiles from your site. They are to be delivered to Marseille. Please do let me know how long will it take between the order and the delivery? Regarding samples how to proceed? Do you have a showroom nearby? Thanking you for your information. Yours Martine
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