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      1 Our Tile Catalogue, how does it work?
      1.1 How to select tiles from the Catalogue?
      In the website menu there are five criteria: effect, style, intended use, price, and color using which you may find the tile collection you need. Just select the desired parameters in the dropdown list, and the tile collections that match these parameters will be selected. The complete range of tile parameters is available in the Advanced Search option. In order to find tile collections, please check the desired parameters and then click Show.
      1.2 How to clear the search results?
      Uncheck the selected criteria one by one in the search results page or click the Reset button.
      1.3 What should you do, if no collections are found?
      If no collections are displayed from search, it means that in our Tile Catalogue there are no collections that meet the selected parameters. You may start a new search either from the Tile Catalogue or from the collection page, having unchecked or changed some search criteria.
      1.4 How to find a specific product, border or decorative piece?
      In the event that you do not need the entire collection, but a specific product, border, decorative piece or step, you should check the respective item on the Advanced Search page in the Type of Product filter group, and select other criteria this product should meet.
      1.5 How to remember the collection or interior you like?
      The Add to Ideabook button is embedded in every interior photo of a particular collection. Pressing this button, you add the interior to your Ideabook. The number near the Bulb indicates the popularity of the respective collection or interior among our visitors.
      You may add new folders for every project in the Ideabook and name them accordingly, for example, "Bathroom", "Kitchen", "New Project". We have also provided the option of sharing your projects by Email or via social networks. For this purpose, click the button Share Ideas and select the recipient. The link to your project will be sent to the defined recipient.
      1.6 Why are there two prices indicated on the website?
      The prices for some items depend on the amount of order. Nowadays, the tile production process is fully automated. A wrapped pallet is considered to be a finished product. Therefore, if an ordered quantity is less than a pallet, or is not an exact pallet multiple, the manufacturers impose an extra charge for pallet unpacking. If an ordered quantity is more than a pallet, or is an exact pallet multiple, the price is reduced accordingly. For these items there are two prices displayed on our website.
      1.7 What tile grade do you sell?
      We sell only the first-choice tiles. We do not supply neither the second-choice, nor commercial-grade tiles. The prices on our website apply to the first-choice materials.
      2 How to make and secure an order?
      2.1 How to receive tile samples?

      Select SAMPLE as a unit of measure for a particular item you need, add it to the Shopping Cart, fill in the mandatory fields. The cost of tile sample, including the shipping expenses, as well as the lead time will be calculated and displayed online. For details, please click here.

      2.2 Why do you not supply tile samples free of charge?
      The cost of "free" samples is not included in the cost of tiles, as other tile stores might do. Eventually, the tile prices we offer are the most competitive on the market.
      2.3 How to order the selected tile?
      In order to place an order, please sign up on our website, add the selected items into your Shopping Cart and fill in all the required fields (address, phone number, etc.). The shipping expenses and estimated delivery period will be displayed in the Shopping Cart. If the shipping expenses are not displayed in the Shopping Cart, please send a calculation request.In order to place an order, 100 % advance payment is required.Please note that particular items are sold on a per-box (rarely on a per-pallet) basis. If the said items are added to the Shopping Cart, their billed quantity will be increased to the actual quantity of items in the applicable number of full boxes (pallets).
      2.4 How to pay for an order?

      We accept the following payment methods: credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer and letter of credit.

      2.5 Do the prices include VAT and shipping expenses?

      The prices indicated on the website include VAT. The shipping expenses are calculated online in the shopping cart. In the event that a corporate customer has an international VAT identification number, the respective order invoice is issued net of VAT, and the VAT identification number of the supplying company is specified.

      2.6 What is order lead time?

      Generally, the lead time is calculated online and confirmed within 1-2 days. In particular cases, it is necessary to request calculation of the lead time by pressing the "Request Delivery Cost & Time" button in the shopping cart.

      2.7 In what countries do you ship ordered tiles?
      We ship ordered tiles to any destination within the European Union, as well as to Norway, Switzerland, the USA, Canada and Russia.
      2.8 What should you do if the goods are found to be defective?
      If the goods are delivered in a defective packaging, the customer shall describe the revealed defects in a shipping document. Where required, the customer may open the packaging to control the integrity of the delivered goods in the presence of the carrier representative. In the event of broken tiles, short delivery, incorrect items, the customer describes the revealed defects in a shipping document (delivery note) and within three working days contacts the dedicated Customer Service manager providing the photos of all defective tiles. There is no need to give the defective tiles back to the carrier.
      2.9 How are the goods delivered?

      The tiles which are less than 2.4 m long are delivered by trucks usually equipped with a lifting device, and are unloaded from the truck on the road at the customer's delivery address, as closer as possible at the driver's opinion. Any further handling of the goods (e. g. their delivery to the apartment / garage / house / yard) is not covered by the shipping expenses and is performed or organized by the customer. The tiles which are longer than 2.4 m are delivered by trucks not equipped with a lifting device. The customer is in charge of the goods unloading and further handling.

      2.10 What is the deadline to claim goods quality?

      Any claim pertaining to the quality of goods should be filed within three working days upon delivery of the said goods. The customer sends the claim by Email attaching a copy of the shipping document and the photos of all defective tiles. The customer may claim the reimbursement of the cost of the missing or defective goods, or delivery of the balance of goods. In the follow-up Email message we inform the customer about the time of the balance of goods delivery or reimbursement of their cost.

      2.11 When is it possible to cancel the paid order?
      Within one week after payment for an order, you may cancel it with the reimbursement of the total amount paid.
      2.12 When is it possible to cancel a delivered order?

      Within 14 days upon order delivery, a customer may cancel an order. In this case only the goods cost will be refunded. The shipping expenses are not refundable. The goods transportation to our warehouse shall be arranged and paid by such a customer.

      2.13 Where can apply a customer for dispute resolution?

      We build our relationships with customers on trust and seek to resolve all disputes in their favor. However we would like to remind about such consumer protection platforms as Online Dispute Resolution (for European customers), and PayPal which acts as third party.