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      Paisley. A Dramatic Shift from Textiles to Porcelain Stoneware



      The Italian brand Ornamenta comes up with an innovative tile series featuring paisley motifs, sometimes also called "Persian pickles", "Welsh pears", etc. This traditional print is commonly encountered in the fashion industry and interior design. However it has been undeservedly neglected by the tile brands.




      Ornamenta characterizes the collection as "high-end wallpapers". Indeed, the wallpaper effect is fully reached, while the tiled surfaces exhibit outstanding benefits of porcelain stoneware. The designers of Ornamenta literally killed two birds with one stone: such non-trivial designs are much sought after and are adopted to the new application with maximum convenience and ease.



      It should be noted that there are multiple local variations of the original pattern. Considering the Persian or Indian origin of this droplet-shaped or vegetable motifs, it would be more correctly to use the term "boteh" or "buta". Though the modern fashionista, historians of culture and trend-setters always refer to them as "paisley". The designers of Ornamenta opted for the latter.



      Paisley by Ornamenta is offered in seven chromatic variations.



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