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      Fast Air Delivery of Tile Samples and Express Courier Shipment of Small Tile Orders

      Tile.Expert offers a new and customer-friendly service. From now on, you may order a sample of any plain tile, decorative piece or mosaics. The cost and lead time are calculated online. Fast Air Delivery of Tile Samples and Express Courier Shipment of Small Tile Orders We encourage our customers to take an advantage of this possibility and make sure that the tile range selected on website fully complies with its presentation on a PC screen. A tile sample is either a piece of selected full size item, or a sample book (a collection of glued pieces of tile which gives an idea about versatile colors and finishes and definitely includes the tile you are after). The latter is specifically dedicated to architects. 

      As of today, the lead time varies from about 10 days within the EU to 9-12 days across the USA. The delivery expenses are rather high. However we take all reasonable efforts in order to optimize them and cut down in future. Nevertheless we strongly recommend using this service even today, especially if you have never seen before the range you would like to order. Please remember the tile image on a PC screen may not fully convey all the product peculiarities. Despite the high cost of samples, you would benefit from the final purchase at convenient prices we proudly offer. 

      Not to mention that ordering tile samples is hassle-free and convenient. You may select dozens of tile colors and finishes, order their quick delivery either to an architecture studio or at home, and choose the tiles which ideally suit your project and match other materials used in it. 

      Moreover the orders of less than 100 kg are delivered by courier. The shipping expenses are displayed on website. This is particularly useful if you have made a mistake while placing an order, and 1 or 2 sqm of tile are missing. Please be reminded that in the event of tile breakage in transit (an unavoidable risk when it comes to ceramic tiles) we substitute the damaged material at our cost using the fast courier delivery. 

      Tile samples like the rest of materials are ordered 100 % online. The prices and lead time displayed on our website are always up-to-date. Upon order payment and confirmation, you receive a tracking number to monitor the progress of order delivery. The order statuses are also displayed in your user account on website. 

      Please take into consideration that this service has been implemented quite recently, therefore potential errors may occur. In this case please do not hesitate to contact or Customer Service via chat. Usually any flaws are promptly rectified. 

      Fast Air Delivery of Tile Samples and Express Courier Shipment of Small Tile Orders

      Let your renovation be smooth (and budget-friendly).