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      Cersaie 2016. Highlights of Exhibition and Tile Trends

      Cersaie 2016. Highlights of Exhibition and Tile TrendsOn September 26-30, Italy will host Cersaie 2016, the pivotal event of the European ceramic tile industry. Traditionally, the exhibition will be held in Bologna to gather together the companies from more than 40 countries. Of course, the number of visitors will be even greater. In 2015, the event welcomed more than 100 thou attendees from 170 countries. 

      Staying at the heart of it all, we will bring to your attention live reports onsite, share the photos of the manufacturers' stands and highlight the new arrivals. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

      This year the image of Cersaie was ideated and developed by Silvia Spitaleri, the 24-year-old Italian artist from Trapani. While at high school, Silvia took part in numerous competitions with her ingenious graphic works. Now she is the final-year student of industrial design at the University of Palermo.




      This year Cersaie image takes a new look at the event revealing the multilevel essence of the show and treating ceramic tile as a complex paradigm of aesthetic and functional values, a virtual "hub" for people, passionate for knowledge, innovations and design of this polyvalent material. The pile of ceramic tiles is shown in profile so that to accentuate the different thickness, color and finish of each particular piece. The human standing on the top symbolizes the streamline development of Cersaie and emphasizes the crucial role of the exhibition in the evolution of ceramic tile design, production and application.

      While the participants are into the last-minute preparations for the event, we look forward to witness the show. However having some breaking news at hand, we would like to give a brief overview of the most intriguing discoveries to come.

      The Wig Wag wall tiles by 41zero42 are remarkable for the uneven "mobile" surface regarded as a background for the beautiful effects of light. The series will embrace eight variations of relief randomly combined on the tiles of 7.5×15 cm. Wig Wag will become a part of the brand-new Synonyms & Antonyms range by 41zero42, which will embrace six series of different design and surface finish.Cersaie 2016. Highlights of Exhibition and Tile Trends

      Sant'Agostino is going to expand the +ART portfolio which already contains a number of innovative collections. Following DigitalartBlendart and Pictart, Sant'Agostino will launch the faux fabric Tailorart series. Based upon the photo, this is going to be a genuine breakthrough in the range of porcelain tiles that look like fabric.

      Cersaie 2016. Highlights of Exhibition and Tile Trends

      Cir will expand the range of themed porcelain tiles inspired by various cities of the world. While the most recent series were dedicated to the US metropolises (Chicago, New York, New Orleans), the new arrival will be a tribute to Havana, the capital of Cuba. Using the palette of five tile sizes, six colors and the ample range of decorative pieces, the designers of Cir will make you plunge in the faerie atmosphere and warmth of this South American city.

      Cersaie 2016. Highlights of Exhibition and Tile Trends

      Cersaie 2016. Highlights of Exhibition and Tile Trends

      The booth of Vallelunga will display the new concrete looking Base collection. The series includes the items peculiar for the original Fattamano surface (please see the image at the upper right) conceived in collaboration with Giovanni Barbieri, the talented architect and long-time associate of the company. Riva (please see the photo below) catches the eye by the light shades, fine graphic lines and gradual color transitions, which recall the texture of wood. The effect is enhanced by the so-called chevron setting. Argenta, the last but not the least novelty by Sant'Agostino, imitates the gray grades of marble. The collection is notable for the ample choice of tile sizes. The items ranging from 30×60 to 60×120 cm (the standard sizes for stone looking tiles) will be complemented by eight small elements (the upper left photo features the Toledo item peculiar for the intricate shape).

      Cersaie 2016. Highlights of Exhibition and Tile Trends

      Ceramiche Refin will invite the visitors of Cersaie 2016 in a virtual tour over the realm of minerals and stones. Petrae discovers the unique natural minerals from all over the globe. The manufacturer gives extra details on the origin of every shade employed in the collection (Haute-Savoie in France, the Pacific coast of Canada, the Valmalenco valley in Italy, the mountain chain on the border between Brazil and Guyana, etc.). Petrae will be available in the wide range of tile sizes, as well as in the extra thick version for outdoor installation (OUT2.0).

      Cersaie 2016. Highlights of Exhibition and Tile Trends

      Inner by Caesar is an imitation of quartzite in the nontrivial color gamut (snow white, golden beige, two shades of gray and deep black). Owing to the innovative technology employed, the tile surface fuses matt and shiny spots, so that the striking similarity to the natural quartz rock is attained.

      Cersaie 2016. Highlights of Exhibition and Tile Trends

      Maku by FAP Ceramiche is a perfect balance between austere look and cosiness, much sought after in residential areas. The textures of brick and natural stone are enhanced by the dizzying array of decorative pieces and mosaic tiles featuring exquisite graphic and handcrafted ceramic motives.

      Cersaie 2016. Highlights of Exhibition and Tile Trends

      Concetto Spaziale by Etruria Design is a breath-taking collection of rhombic and hexagonal tiles intended to create dramatic visual effects. The series amazes by the rich palette of colors (over thirty shadings).

      Cersaie 2016. Highlights of Exhibition and Tile Trends

      Francesco de Maio will showcase a modern interpretation of the authentic Mediterranean majolica tiles. Noteworthy, the most popular decorative elements featuring classical, Arab and Latin motives (e. g. Fiore Stilizzato, Acciaroli, Passolini, etc.) will be produced in the greater innovative size of 53×53 cm.

      Cersaie 2016. Highlights of Exhibition and Tile Trends

      Essentia by Love Tiles is intended for facing. The series is remarkable for the light gamut of shadings and tactile relief. The manufacturer imitates miniature tesserae (Square), thin stripes (Band), rough items (Crusty), which are complemented by the beautiful decors and mosaic tiles.

      Cersaie 2016. Highlights of Exhibition and Tile Trends

      The Spanish brand Apavisa will come up with Encaustic, a stylish imitation of cement tiles with "rubbed" edges and delicate color gamut. The collection is manufactured of full body porcelain stoneware in the unique size (30×30 cm) and caliber, which makes it a flexible and maintenance-free decorative solution.

      Cersaie 2016. Highlights of Exhibition and Tile Trends

      Starting from September 26, we will proceed with the spot coverage of Cersaie 2016. Stay tuned and watch for updates!

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      Tile.Expert 28.09.2016 16:03
      Exquisite Tile Collections Inspired by the Creative Heritage of Le Corbusier and Gio Ponti

      Cersaie 2016 is in full swing. During the next few days we will outline the eye-catching new arrivals and vibrant design trends for 2017. At the moment we would like to present two projects dedicated to the heritage of the great architects who lived and worked in the 20th century.

      The common stand of DSG Ceramiche and Gigacer is highlighted by the LCS Ceramics Les Couleurs Le Corbusier collection. This porcelain tile series is notable for the colors of the exclusive Les Couleurs Le Corbusier palette. From 1931 till 1959, Le Corbusier has been working on his Polychromie Architecturale. Since then this magnum opus has become the bible and fount of inspiration for designers and architects all over the globe. The palette is unique for the perfect harmony of all 63 shades it is composed of. Therefore, it has become a benchmark of color compatibility and a comprehensive guide on color schemes for versatile projects. The exclusive rights on the polychrome by Le Courbusier belong to Fondation Le Corbusier and Les Coleurs Suisse AG who authorize particular manufacturers to use the original colors.

      Ceramica Francesco De Maio has been granted an exclusive license to reproduce thirty blue and white decors handcrafted by Gio Ponti in the period from 1960 till 1962 for Parco Dei Principi in Sorrento (the first design hotel ever built). In the 1950-1970's, Ponti frequently visited Salerno and production facilities of Ceramica D’Agostino in particular (the company was later renamed into Antiche Fornaci D’Agostino to be acquired in 1990 by Ceramica Francesco De Maio). The architect kept discovering the revolution of ceramic art with close attention to the local flavor emphasized by the juicy colors and geometric patterns inspired by nature. This is how the magnificent Blu Ponti majolicas were born. Conceived once for the Parco Dei Principi Hotel, the majolica tiles are now revived in the beautiful homonymous collection by Francesco De Maio.

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      Tile.Expert 30.09.2016 12:53
      Floral and Vegetal Motives at Cersaie 2016

      The exhibition stands of many tile brands were decorated with large-format compositions featuring flowers, trees and birds, which became a nice change from the numerous imitations of stone, concrete, brick and versatile industrial style tile collections.

      Entrance to the ABK stand and flamingo inside

      Ceramic wood by Casalgrande Padana

      Fondovalle set up their stand in the country style, this fancy porcelain stoneware panel being one of the key elements.

      "Garden of Eden" reproduced by Mainzu (Livorno collection) …

      … and Settecento (Inside21 series)

      Lush vegetation decorates the stands of Ava Ceramica (on the left) and Vallelunga (on the right)

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      Tile.Expert 05.10.2016 13:53
      Extraordinary Tile Shapes, Textures and Materials at Cersaie 2016

      The ever popular smooth rectangular tiles and the dizzying array of the shades of gray were diversified by the products which go beyond standards. Such tile collections vividly demonstrate the infinite design and decorative opportunities offered by ceramics and porcelain stoneware.

      The designers of Petracer’s came up with ornate triangular tiles. The rich decoration however has already become the key element of the company signature style.

      Tonalite, on the contrary, focuses on the monochrome tiles, but never stops experimenting with shape (for instance, round and trapezium-shaped tiles of the Cerchi and Dart series – please see the photo below).

      Vallelunga Ceramica launched two collections of "broken" faux marble tiles (Carrara and Statuario).

      Three-dimensional composition at the stand of APE Ceramica

      Three-dimensionality has also become one of the dominating trends in the new portfolio of Equipe (e. g., Magical 3).

      Pan de Bois by Naxos merged the textures of wood, cement and ramie fibers.

      The designers of Caesar presented the contemporary looking Layers collection. The imitation of concrete and textiles is enhanced by the pronounced wear and rust.

      Bisazza keeps amazing by the versatility of the product range. The assortment of the traditional glass and ceramic mosaic tiles has been recently expanded by versatile cement tile series conceived in collaboration with the internationally renowned designers. And now Bisazza launches the range of natural wood items.

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      Tile.Expert 05.10.2016 13:55
      Fabric Looking Tiles as a New Trend of Cersaie 2016

      It should be noted that this year versatile imitations of fabric were presented by more than one third of Cersaie exhibitors. Once undeservedly neglected by tile manufacturers, this trend will dominate in the range of many Italian and Spanish tile brands throughout the next year. Owing to the visual and tactile softness, such decorative material creates a particular atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

      Various textiles merged in the brand-new Room collection of ceramic and porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde

      Sackcloth effect Tussor tiles by Edimax

      Textile by Marca Corona: fabric texture, tactile relief and hexagonal shape

      Gray fabric looking tiles for bathroom (Bali by APE)

      Coarse fiber effect porcelain tiles by Coem

      … and by Cir Ceramiche (Mat F composed of small elongated tiles)

      Fabric looking tiles by Roca (Fabric&Tweed).

      Porcelain tiles which render the surface of linen cloth (Reve by Mirage).

      Besides, some tile brands even took the liberty of mixing several fibers and colors on a single tile (the photo below features Denim by Rondine and Digital Tweed by Sintesi Ceramica).

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      Tile.Expert 05.10.2016 15:05
      Wood Looking Tiles. The New Arrivals of Cersaie 2016

      The imitation of wood surfaces has been recently considered one of the vibrant trends rigorously followed by the European ceramic tile manufacturers. This year Cersaie has proved the enduring popularity of faux wood tiles and has demonstrated the new designer discoveries.

      Provoak by Ceramiche Provenza is a collection of oak looking porcelain tiles in five colors and in the wide range of sizes, complemented by the relief decorative elements.

      Dekap by Fioranese is a brand-new imitation of wood planks covered by the rubbed-away paint.

      The black Crossroad Wood tiles by ABK complemented by the matt wall tiles of the same color (Crossroad Chalk collection) are ideated for the minimalist Scandinavian style interiors.

      Cerdomus Ceramiche presented an ample range of wood effect items in the variety of shades and surface finishes (Mowa, Suite63, Blake, Extreme, Othello).

      Wood looking mosaic tiles by Dune (3D Tile series)

      The effect of volume obtained through the combination of three tile shades (Pier Wood by Cisa Ceramiche)

      The wood effect Essences collection by Marca Corona is composed of small multicolor squares. This material creates warm environments that make you feel at home.

      The craftsmen of Unica by Target Studio (the company committed to creating extraordinary tile projects) came up with Woodlines, the striped version of wood effect tiles, where several shades of brown and beige are mixed on every particular tile.

      It should be noted that nowadays the market of ceramic and porcelain tiles is saturated with collections which carefully imitate versatile species of wood. The latest innovations however are more stylistically free to involve bold color mixes, extraordinary combinations of shades, and sizes uncharacteristic of wood looking tiles.

      Slim planks in the pastel gamut (Struttura by Eco Ceramica)

      Paint Wash by Elios and Nordland by Mapisa (random layouts of the painted faux wood tiles)

      Rafters by Ascot and Komi by Pastorelli – eclectic combinations of different tile sizes and setting schemes within one project

      Diamond Timber by Realonda – original floor layouts of rhombic tiles in five chromatic variations

      Another fashion trend observed at Cersaie was the fusion of wood-looking surfaces with other textures. Stay tuned to find out more in our next reports.

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      Tile.Expert 07.10.2016 15:41
      The Imitation of Stone, Concrete and Thick Porcelain Stoneware at Cersaie 2016

      The new concrete effect tile series are distinguished by strong color variation, which makes the traces of wear and chemical action clearly visible. The photos below feature such porcelain stoneware collections by La Fabbrica (on the left), Alfalux (on the upper right) and Pavigres (on the lower right).

      Among the stone looking tiles, the imitations of granular agglomerates are worth of particular attention (e. g. Marvel Gems by Atlas Concorde).

      A number of tile manufacturers came up with inlaid multicolor decors composed of stone effect substrate and contrasting pieces of another "mineral" (the Marmorea Deco items by Ceramica Fioranese).

      Another remarkable design trend to mention is the growing popularity of thick porcelain tiles. The large exhibition spaces were dedicated to the porcelain stoneware of elevated thickness, so that to show the ample possibilities of its application in landscape design (the photos below were taken at the exhibition stands of CifreDel ConcaMonocibecPastorelli, Ragno, and Refin).

      It should be noted that thick porcelain tiles usually evoke the surface of stone or concrete. Wood looking tiles are encountered less frequently (the photo below features the tiles by Castelvetro and Marca Corona). 

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      Tile.Expert 07.10.2016 15:43
      Industrial Style Tiles at Cersaie 2016. The Imitations of Brick and Metal

      Unica by Target Studio has wealth of experience in the production of metal effect tiles. Cersaie 2016 was highlighted by two new arrivals by this Italian brand (Overlap and Stile).

      The Spanish manufacturer Mainzu, by contrast, came up with the first experiment in this field (the Titanium collection).

      The decorative elements of District by Leonardo Ceramica reproduce the patterns of manholes from all over the world.

      The similar collection, yet with mesmerizing metallic luster, was captured at the stand of Iris Ceramica (the Stage series).

      Dolomiti is an industrial style collection of metallized bricks by Ceramica Del Conca.

      Oil stains is another smart innovation by Leonardo (District).

      Urban by Zirconio and Vintage by Cevica feature the brickwork touched by the time.

      These glossy tiles, on the contrary, look freshly glazed (Brickart by Settecento).

      Emilceramica presented a mix of stone effect multicolor subway tiles (Piase).

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      Tile.Expert 07.10.2016 15:44
      Designer Projects at Cersaie 2016

      Ceramica Bardelli presented Wanders, the complete range of exquisite tiles by the renowned architect and designer  Marcel Wanders. Sofia (please see the photo below) is a collection of wall and floor decorated plain tiles of white glazed porcelain stoneware. The beautiful interlaced patterns, which recall the epochs of the past, are applied using the laser-engraved silicone roller press. That is why every tile and resulting layout are absolutely unique.

      Arte Pura is an Italian brand of home textiles by Daniela Dallavalle. The new collection of glazed porcelain tiles by Ceramiche Refin is named after this designer. The series artfully fuses two materials: clay and textile fibers. The lightweight matt texture of fabric is decorated with lace, macramé and original pen-and-ink drawings.

      Kerlite laminated porcelain stoneware by Cotto d'Este was expanded by Wonderwall, the revolutionary range of wall tiles designed by Vittorio Buratti, Simona Cigarini and Silvia Stanzani. Every composition consists of three 100×300 cm slabs.

      Alessio Zanzarella and Ornamenta Tiles also showcased the new collection of slim laminated porcelain tiles. Besides, Oplus+ (the tiles of 100×100 cm in the unique thickness of 3.5 mm) picked up the prestigious ADI CERAMIC DESIGN AWARD.

      The impressive glass mosaic panels were shown by Bisazza. The photos below feature Louisiana (on the upper right, designed by Alessandro Mendini), Albert Yellow (on the upper left, designed by Ferruccio Laviani), Industry Amber (at the bottom, designed by Studio Job).

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      Tile.Expert 07.10.2016 15:45
      Patchwork Tiles at Cersaie 2016

      For the recent years, the fancy patchwork motives have been widely employed in ceramic tile production to become common but not commonplace.  Therefore, today many tile series are still complemented with beautiful patchwork sets. Usually patchwork items feature a number of versatile designs randomly mixed in a box.

      Cementine Retro is a charming imitation of cement tiles by Ceramica Fioranese.

      Memory Mood by Panaria catches the eye by the pronounced shabby chic look.

      Ceramica Rondine showcased Fori Romani, a black-and-white patchwork collection with effect of marble.

      The imitation of traditional majolicas (Hmade by Mirage)

      The graphic sketches made by hand (Takenos by APE)

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      Tile.Expert 07.10.2016 15:46
      The Fusion of Textures, Sizes and Colors at Cersaie 2016

      The "mix and match" tile projects have become genuine highlights of the exhibition and brought new zest to ceramic tile industry. Thus, the exhibition stand by the Spanish brand Peronda, entirely dedicated to the industrial style collections, stood out for the bold combination of concrete, metal, terracotta and wood.

      Set by Sant’Agostino is an eclectic pasticcio of versatile materials, including cement, fabric, marble, wood, metal, and brick, of the matching shades. 

      The wall coverings by Azteca Ceramica are remarkable for the unprecedented alteration of cement and brick effect tiles (Studio and Divine).

      Re_Size by Flaviker mixes the textures of stone and wood in smooth matt finish.

      Impronta combines the items of different surface finish and color in one layout.

      The mix of marble effect tiles at the stand of Ceramiche Keope (Elements)

      NONe, the nontrivial new arrival by 14oraitaliana, fuses the surfaces of wood, plaster, cement and grit. The exhaustive range of four textures (each of which is offered in sixteen patterns) and three shades (192 items in total) provides infinite possibilities for creativity and self-expression.

      With these experimental tile series, we conclude our overview of Cersaie 2016. Watch for trendy updates in our online tile catalogue. Follow our website and social media blogs with the latest news and hot industry trends. Stay tuned!

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