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      COVID-19. TILE INDUSTRY COMES TO LIFE AFTER LOCKDOWN 03.05.20Questions & Answers

      COVID-19. Ceramic Industry Comes to Life after LockdownOn May 4, Italy was the last one to reactivate tile production. Once the global leaders, it is the Italian tile-makers who, presumably, will be among those the most afflicted. Meanwhile, we constantly keep our finger on the pulse of the industry with particular attention to the warehouse stock and production programs of all our suppliers. At the slightest threat of compromised supplies, our cooperation with such manufacturer will be suspended, the tile brand will be marked "Temporarily Unavailable", and it will be impossible to add any tiles by this brand to the shopping cart. If the challenges are not overcome within one month, such a tile manufacturer will be withdrawn from our website.

      Currently, we experience neither the problems with tile shipments, nor the tile deficit due to the forced production downtime. We keep monitoring the accuracy of all delivery times calculated on the website and daily update them if needed. Our logistics is fully operational. All orders are delivered on time.

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