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      Would You Buy Some Tiles from Your Cousin? 18.01.17 Questions & Answers Subscribe

      Would You Buy Some Tiles from Your Cousin?Of course, you would. All the relatives (5-10 people you really trust) recommend buying tiles from him.

      This situation is quite different. Unknown customers share their buying experience on an unknown website. And though the reviews are numerous, it is not enough to make them trustworthy. Besides, there might be some doubts regarding website moderation: what if sellers provide positive feedback, whilst negative reviews are being deleted in cahoots with review communities.

      However, while buying tiles online, the customers may pay for their order via PayPal. Once they are not satisfied, it is possible to cancel the payment made or to file a dispute, following which the amount paid will be refunded by PayPal.

      Perhaps, the point is the ratio between the feedback of people you know personally, on the one hand, and the number of Internet reviews (certainly, submitted on the independent Internet platforms, not on a seller's website), on the other.

      The ratio is 1:100, in our opinion.