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      Payments via PayPal Suspended (Perhaps Temporary) 30.01.24 Questions & Answers Subscribe

      Payments via PayPal Suspended (Perhaps Temporary)According to our information, early in 2024, PayPal notified many (if not all) businesses about holding a reserve equal to almost a monthly account turnover. In our opinion, this is absurd. Such account limitations and associated expenses may be covered exclusively by raising the prices we strive to keep the lowest possible.

      PayPal has refused to revise this strange requirement until April. During this period, we accept only credit cards and bank transfers.

      PayPal used to be a valid guarantee of shipment for customers. We are dedicated to making all possibilities of a safe purchase available, though not at the expense of their critical impact on the goods’ price. Customer protection through potential negative reviews on Trustpilot that can immediately affect our goodwill is much more reliable than the formal protection offered by PayPal. In reality, PayPal does nothing but control the provision of tracking information for every shipment and every shipping agent. While selling such heavy and fragile goods as ceramic tiles, we provide after-sales service and customer support, for instance, to ensure that the tiles are from the same batch if the ordered quantity is not in stock or transportation causes damage to some of the goods, etc. To have satisfied customers, we do much more than submit a tracking number required by PayPal. The value of public reviews as proof of customer satisfaction is incomparably higher.