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      Launched the Delivery of Luxury Vinyl Tiles with Samples 29.03.22 Questions & Answers Subscribe

      We offer luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) by Dune (Spain), Parador (Germany), and PaViClic (Italy).

      Vinyl flooring is a relatively new material on the market. Let's consider its pros and cons.

      1 You save a lot on shipping expenses

      These floor coverings are lightweight. Compare: the delivery of 50 m2 of porcelain tiles from Italy to France costs 477 Euro, whilst that of vinyl tiles costs just 277 Euro.

      2 No broken tiles

      We do our best to minimize damage to the goods during shipment. Moreover, if this occurs, we replace the broken material quickly and free of charge. However, it is impossible to be 100% sure that fragile (but extremely durable after installation) ceramic tiles do not crack upon impact. Unfortunately, it may happen that you would have to wait several days for the replacement of a couple of broken tiles, which is excluded when it comes to vinyl.

      3 Easy to install and maintain

      The installation of vinyl planks produces no waste or moisture. There is no need to remove furniture to free space for floor laying. Vinyl tiles are also well-suited for use with underfloor heating. You can walk on these floors soon after the installation is over.

      4 Low dependence on the increasing price of energy resources

      As compared to ceramic tiles, the price of vinyl planks is less likely to grow in response to the changing prices of natural gas and electricity. For instance, in 2021, parquet flooring and ceramic tiles rose in price by 10% on average, which did not occur for LVT.

      5 Non-slip surface

      The antislip properties of the majority of LVT collections correspond to the R10 and R11 ratings.

      Nonetheless, vinyl floorings have some disadvantages.

      1 Appearance

      Concerning some textures of LVT, the design and level of detail do not always compare to ceramic tiles. However, vinyl floorings keep evolving to mimic wood, cement, and stone with the highest precision and aesthetic value. To make sure that the coverings meet your expectation, please order samples (to be delivered in 1-2 days).

      2 Professional laying required

      To conclude, the aesthetics and technical excellence of luxury vinyl floorings have significantly improved, and advancements are being continuously introduced.