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      How to Save Money While Purchasing Tiles. Useful Tips 20.04.17
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      How to Save Money While Purchasing Tiles. Useful Tips1 Select tile brands of the same country. If your order includes tile producers of several countries (e. g. Italy + Spain + Portugal), this would surely incur extra shipping expenses related to order pickup from warehouses located in different countries. If your order includes several tile brands of one country, this would result in a slight increase in shipping expenses, since the materials are collected from different warehouses within one country.

      2 Make the list of items short (if applicable). In this way, it would be easier to ensure that the quantity of a particular tile item is equal to one pallet. The majority of tile producers grant an extra pallet-rate discount. This is particularly true for industrial-scale orders (over 500 sqm). Tile producers eagerly allow extra discounts for large orders, since it is more feasible to produce one item in larger quantities than switch production lines to new tile sizes or tile collections.

      3 Do not split the required quantity of materials into several orders in the event of phased renovation. The greater is your order, the higher is the probability of getting an extra discount, and the lesser are shipping expenses equivalent to 1 sqm of tiles. A good idea would be to team up with a neighbor and place a combined order.

      4 Considering a comparable technical and aesthetic level, Spanish brands are usually less expensive than their Italian counterparts.

      5 If possible, do not opt for extra-large tiles (at least one side of which is greater than 80 cm). They are certainly ultrafashionable and aesthetically appealing. Being a relatively new product on the market, such tiles may cause some difficulties as regards their purchasing and laying. Moreover, due to special packaging and specific requirements for transportation, the shipping expenses for large-format tiles are significantly higher, and the probability of their damage increases exponentially. We replace broken tiles at our cost, however, this requires time, and the duration of your renovation may be compromised.

      6 Do not forget to allow for tile wastage and accidental damage (please consult your tile setter). By doing so you would avoid ordering extra tiles in case of shortage and would not have to pay high shipping expenses related to small orders.